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Ready to speed up your website's performance but not sure where to start? Just like tuning a race car, your website needs regular checks to ensure it's running at peak performance. 


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Let us introduce you to our SEO Starter Audit.

It's like the pit stop for your website's SEO, checking all the essential parts to make sure you're ready to race to the top of search engine rankings. 

Our SEO Starter Audit includes a check up of three crucial elements:

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1. Technical website basics

We'll pop up the bonnet and check for any technical issues that might be blocking your website's ability to rank. Think of it like ensuring your car’s engine is in good shape. 

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2. Keyword rankings

We'll identify your website's top ranking keywords. It's like checking the speedometer - you need to know how fast you're going to improve.

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3. Top backlinks

We'll analyse the top backlinks linking back to your website. These are like the fans cheering you on - the more quality fans, the better your reputation!

Our SEO Starter Audit is perfect for businesses who are just starting their SEO journey or those who want to ensure their SEO strategy is on the right track. 

But remember, this is just the warm-up lap. Once we’ve got to grips with the track, we’re ready to power ahead with our Full SEO Audit, complete with competitor research and analysis, for a comprehensive look at your SEO landscape. 

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Remember, SEO isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. But with Refuel Creative in your pit crew, you'll be lapping the competition in no time.

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